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Pixel LED Display Screen

Pixel LED display screen is spliced and assembled by the pixel strip light, which has been approved by FCC, CE and other certificates. The research, development, design and production of all pixel strip lights are completed by our company independently. Our product features light weight, high security and good ventilation performance, because there is spacing between each two strip lights. Moreover, it has good light transmission performance, so indoor lighting will not be influenced.

The connection of strip lights is completed by the butt joint of male and female, which makes the operation very easy. Therefore, labor cost of installation can be largely reduced. Strip light is the unit to form the pixel LED display screen, the surface color of which can be close to the surface color of construction in accordance with the engineering requirement. Thus, the appearance of construction will not be influenced even in the day. Moreover, on line control and off line control can be switched, so the operation is convenient and flexible.

Technical Specifications
Norms P125mm P62.5mm
Pixel pitch 125mm 62.5mm
Material Aluminum alloy base + aluminum alloy cover Aluminum alloy base + aluminum alloy cover
LED model Oval 546 straight pin lamp Oval 546 straight pin lamp
Pixel composition 6R4G4B 4R2G2B
Pixel density 64 pixels/ ㎡ 256 pixels/ ㎡
Power consumption ≤100W/ ㎡ ≤200W/ ㎡
Screen brightness 1500nits 2400nits
Viewing distance 100 m~400 m 60 m~200 m
Grey level 3 ×16bit 3 ×16bit
Scanning frequency >1000Hz >1000Hz
Refresh frequency 60 fps 60 fps
IP rate IP67 IP67
Working temperature -20 ℃~+50 ℃ -20 ℃~+50 ℃
Working humidity 10-90%RH 10-90%RH

Our pixel LED display screen is an intelligent lighting fixture specially designed for outdoor LED display application. Each pixel can express 68.7 billion colors through PC on line or off line control. The product can display word, image and video, which can be widely applied to outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.

To provide direct viewing, this pixel LED display screen adopts the full aluminum alloy housing. Equipped with constant current driver IC and low power consumption design, it possesses stable performance and long service life. Moreover, through cascade connection of waterproof signal wires, the display area of the product can be extremely large. With the IP rate of up to IP66, this product is extremely suitable for outdoor use. Our product is no doubt your perfect choice.

Pixel LED display screen is composed of several pixel lights, inside which there are many RGB LEDs of high brightness. In use of three primary colors mixture principle, our product realizes color change of pixel light by changing the brightness of LED. Our product adopts constant current static drive, which has extremely low power consumption and high electro-optical conversion rate close to 90%. Therefore, it is an efficient and energy saving product. In addition, our product adopts advanced digital video processing, which ensures clear and vivid image without shake or double image.

As a specialized pixel LED display screen manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide transparent LED display screen, 1528 video LED pixel light, bridge LED linear light, video LED pixel strip light, and much more.

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