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  • LED Curtain Screen High light: brightness ≥7500CD/M2 (all-weather application)
    Light weight: weight ≤12Kg/M2, which saves the steel structure cost.
    Low consumption: average consumption ≤85W/M2, which reduces the operation cost.
    High transparency: transmittance ≥50% without influencing the indoor lighting.
  • Pixel LED Display ScreenPixel LED display screen is spliced and assembled by the pixel strip light, which has been approved by FCC, CE and other certificates. The research, development, design and production of all pixel strip lights are completed by our company independently. Our product features light weight, high security and good ventilation performance, because there is spacing between each two strip lights.
  • Transparent LED Display ScreenTransparent LED display screen is composed of a series of the point light sources, which is independently developed, designed and produced by our company. The light source is an intelligent lighting fixture specially designed for outdoor large LED display curtain wall and deformed display screen. Pixel light uses color mixture of pixels to realize the combination from point to face so as to display word, image, and video.

LED display screen is used to display all kinds of information, such as words, images, animation, market quotations, video etc. Our product features high brightness, low working voltage, small power consumption, small size, long lifespan, shock resistance and stable performance. LED has vast future prospects and now we are striving to develop a better product with higher brightness, stronger weather resistance as well as higher luminous density, luminous evenness and reliability etc.

LED display screen is composed of display module, LED video panel and power system. The display module consists of dot matrix formed by LED lamps, which is used to give out light and display. It is widely applied to square landscape project, advertising decorative lighting project, municipal lighting project etc.

With high brightness, the display content of our LED display screen in viewing distance is still visible and clear even if the surface suffers direct sunlight. Due to the super high grey level control, the product can provide strong stereoscopic effect and 68.7 billion clear and vivid colors. This product adopts cold light source, which does not have heat radiation or pollution elements like lead and mercury, so it is an eco friendly product. Additionally, its price is reasonable, so our product has high cost performance.

FORLIGHT is a professional LED display screen manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide LED pixel light, LED wall washer, video pixel light and high power flood light, among others.

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  • Bridge LED Linear LightBridge LED linear light is double waterproof, because the inner part of bridge LED linear light adopts silica gel sealing of high thermal conductivity and its outer structure uses silica gel circle sealing. With the IP rate of up to IP67, our product is free from the problem that outdoor installed product is hard to resist water. Both ends of nixie tube are fastened by stainless steel screws, which can endure tensile force over 30kg, so the maintenance is safe and reliable.
  • Architectural LED Linear LightArchitectural LED linear light has excellent performance. The size of the product is 300mm*90mm*60mm and its weight is 0.4kg. Our product can endure tensile force of 30kg. Also, it can be used to form screen which can display words and images. The circuit board has gone through special glue water repellent treatment, so water will not corrode any component.