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1528 Video LED Pixel Light 1528 Video LED Pixel Light

With strong flexibility, the 1528 video LED pixel light is designed for large-scale outdoor LED video curtain walls and specially shaped display screens. Combinations from points to planes are realized by the color mixture of pixels to complete the display of text, graphics and video animation. In practical projects, regular shapes such as rectangular, square, strip, etc., can be formed through the combination of waterproof connectors. Spherical, triangular and other shapes can also be composed to display Flash animation.

This product uses SMD5050 LED as the light source. Its input and output ends use 4-pin waterproof male and female connectors and the pixel pitch is customizable between 35mm and 600mm. Flexible in engineering application, our product can be installed by steel wire hanging, screw fixing, sticking and other methods.

Technical Specifications
Housing size L28mm*W15mm
Material ABS base+ PC cover
Light source model SMD5050RGB 0.3W
Pixel composition One point light source per pixel
Pixel pitch P40 ~ P600 mm
Power consumption 0.3W/pcs
Screen brightness 2.5CD/pcs
Grey level 3 ×12BIT
Refresh frequency Static 60 fps
IP rate IP65
Working temperature -35 ℃ ~+85℃
Working humidity 10-90%RH

As a professional video LED pixel light manufacturer and supplier, our company provides a series of this product. Adopting advanced waterproof technology, our product can meet the requirements of outdoor applications. With the working temperature ranging from -35ºC to 85ºC, the product has strong adaptability to the environment and can meet the climate requirements of different regions. This product can be widely used in squares, commercial buildings, movie theatres, gymnasiums, entertainment places, etc.

FORLIGHT is a China 1528 video LED pixel light manufacturer and supplier. Apart from LED pixel light, we also provide video LED strip light, LED display screen, high power flood light, LED wall washer, and much more.

Construction Case

LED Pixel Light onthe Yantai Exhibition Center
Product Model CXPX-1528
Consumption of LED pixel light 42,160 PCS
Pixel Pitch Horizontal: 50mm
Vertical: 50mm
Installation Way Wire lock
Completion Date Oct. 2012
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  • 5050 Outdoor LED Pixel LightCompared with CXPX-3025 product, the 5050 outdoor LED pixel light has larger size and is three to three thousand times as bright as the former. The light source of the CXPX-5050-20B product is composed of twenty DIP346 LEDs and the color is 10R6G4B. The input and output ends adopt 4-pin waterproof male and female connectors and the pixel pitch can be customized from 125mm to 600mm. There are soft and hard installation ways, including steel wire hanging, aluminum strips installing, etc.