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Linear Lighting LED Point Light Linear Lighting LED Point Light

The CXL-90 linear lighting LED point light is an intelligent linear LED lamp with high brightness. It can be used for the outline drawing and surrounding illumination of constructions in the night. Equipped with aluminum alloy base and PC lamp cover, the product is anti-UV and produces soft light without glare. Moreover, the product has 8Bit color depth and can produce all kinds of beautiful colors through the control system, enabling the buildings to show various styles at night.

Technical Specifications
Norms CXP-90-18A CXP-90-18B CXP-90-3A CXP-60-3B
Size ¢90×H80 ¢90×H80 ¢90×H80 ¢90×H80
Weight 70g 70g 80g 80g
Housing material Aluminum alloy base Aluminum alloy base Aluminum alloy base Aluminum alloy base
Light source model SMD5050 0.3W 18 white SMD5050RGB 0.3W 18 3W 3 high power white 3*1W 3 full color high power
Power 4.5W 4.5W 9W 9W
Display grey level 8BIT 3×8BIT 3×8BIT 3×8BIT
Luminous flux 270LM 45LM 1440LM~1620LM 160~180LM
Beam angle 160º 160º 160º 160º
IP rate IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
Input voltage 24V 24V 12V 12V
Working temperature -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃
Working humidity 10-90%RH 10-90%RH 10-90%RH 10-90%RH

Green lighting is the ecological goal pursued all over the world. The LED point light is the greenest eco-friendly light source at present, for it is efficient and energy-saving, without the adoption of mercury. As a professional linear lighting LED point light manufacturer and supplier, our company provides a series of this product. The size is ¢90×H80 and the weight is 70g or 80g. The lamp cover has three types, transparent PC, milky PC and transparent honeycomb shape. The product also has low power consumption, which is 4.5W or 9W.

Our product is a solid cold light source packaged by epoxy resin and there is no loose part inside the lamp body, so it is free from problems like heat deposition and light attenuation. Its filament is not easy to burn. Therefore, this product enjoys a long lifespan, which is over 50,000 hours.

FORLIGHT is an experienced linear lighting LED point light manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include 1528 video LED pixel light, 3025 flexible LED pixel light, video LED pixel strip light, bridge LED linear light, and more.

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  • Architectural Lighting LED Point LightThe CXP-40 architectural lighting LED point light is specially designed for construction illumination and night lighting project. It provides basic component for the design and engineering staff of professional architectural lighting. Suitable for direct viewing, the product adopts aluminum alloy lamp holder and electronic glue encapsulating to resist water.