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Decorative LED Point Light Decorative LED Point Light

The CXP-155 decorative LED point light is a controllable light source which is designed for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting of large constructions. The product looks like UFO, and it is equipped with an aluminum alloy base with optional colors. The lamp cover is made of PC material which is anti-UV, and there are transparent type and milky type for you to choose. With the 256-level color depth, this product can produce abundant colors through the control system.

Technical Specifications
Norms CXP-155-24A CXP-155-24B CXP-155-6A CXP-155-6B
Size ¢155×H56 ¢155×H56 ¢155×H56 ¢155×H56
Weight 160g 160g 180g 180g
Housing material Aluminum alloy base Aluminum alloy base Aluminum alloy base Aluminum alloy base
Light source model SMD5050 0.3W 18 white SMD5050RGB 0.3W 18 3W 6 high power white 3*1W 6 full color high power
Power 6W 6W 18W 18W
Display grey level 8BIT 3×8BIT 3×8BIT 3×8BIT
Luminous flux 270LM 45LM 960LM~1100LM 320~360LM
Beam angle 160º 160º 160º 160º
IP rate IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
Input voltage 24V 24V 24V 24V
Working temperature -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃
Working humidity 10-90%RH 10-90%RH 10-90%RH 10-90%RH

The LED point light can work not only as a lighting tool but also as a decorative tool. With abundant colors and flexible changes, it seems to be mysterious and romantic in the night. Our company provides a series of this product with the size of ¢155×H56. The product has large size and high brightness, which can be used as outdoor building light. It has built-in microcomputer chip and can display all kinds of images and words through program control. The IP rate is 66, so it can be used outdoors even in stormy weather. In addition, our product produces healthy light without radiation or UV, so it does no harm to human and environment.

We are a decorative LED point light manufacturer based in China. At FORLIGHT we offer various types of products such as 3025 flexible LED pixel light, bridge LED linear light, video LED pixel strip light and transparent LED display screen.

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  • Architectural Lighting LED Point LightThe CXP-40 architectural lighting LED point light is specially designed for construction illumination and night lighting project. It provides basic component for the design and engineering staff of professional architectural lighting. Suitable for direct viewing, the product adopts aluminum alloy lamp holder and electronic glue encapsulating to resist water.
  • Landscape Lighting LED Point LightCompared with CXP-40 product, the CXP-60 landscape lighting LED point light has larger size, larger light-emitting area and higher brightness. This full color product adopts 8bit constant current driver IC and it can be controlled by off-line or on-line modes. Vivid video animations can be displayed by the regularly or irregularly arranged point lights with control system.