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  • 1528 Video LED Pixel LightWith strong flexibility, the 1528 video LED pixel light is designed for large-scale outdoor LED video curtain walls and specially shaped display screens. Combinations from points to planes are realized by the color mixture of pixels to complete the display of text, graphics and video animation. In practical projects, regular shapes such as rectangular, square, strip, etc., can be formed through the combination of waterproof connectors. Spherical, triangular and other shapes can also be composed to display Flash animation.
  • 3025 Flexible LED Pixel LightThe 3025 flexible LED pixel light uses three SMD5050 LEDs as the light source. Equipped with an 8Bit constant current driver chip, it can display more than 68.7 billion kinds of colors. ABS gray or black flame retardant lamp holder and translucent or milky PC lampshade are adopted. The input and output of the light string use 4-pin waterproof male and female connectors, and the pixel pitch can be designed between 55mm and 600mm, so as to suit customers' varied application demands.
  • 5050 Outdoor LED Pixel LightCompared with CXPX-3025 product, the 5050 outdoor LED pixel light has larger size and is three to three thousand times as bright as the former. The light source of the CXPX-5050-20B product is composed of twenty DIP346 LEDs and the color is 10R6G4B. The input and output ends adopt 4-pin waterproof male and female connectors and the pixel pitch can be customized from 125mm to 600mm. There are soft and hard installation ways, including steel wire hanging, aluminum strips installing, etc.

LED pixel light is flexible and intelligent. It is specially designed for use in large-scale outdoor LED display curtain walls and specially shaped display screen manufacturing industries. It is equipped with black or gray ABS flame-retarded lamp holder and semitransparent or milky PC lamp cover. 8Bit constant current driver IC is adopted, and the number of display colors reaches 68.7 billion. In addition, the IP rate is 66, so outdoor installation is feasible.

This product is designed based on LED illumination technology and it can replace display screen of certain specification. Due to the small size, light weight and low power consumption, it is widely applied in advertising decorative lighting, landscape engineering, and municipal lighting projects, etc. As a professional LED pixel light manufacturer and supplier, our company provides various types of this product, such as 1528 video type, 3025 flexible type, 5050 outdoor type, and so on.

Our product is efficient, energy-saving and environment friendly. Driven by direct current, it has extremely low power consumption and its electro-optical power conversion rate reaches 90%. It can save more than 80% energy than ordinary light source under the same illumination situation. Moreover, the product uses stable RGB pixel LED and advanced digital control technology to truly restore 16.7 million colors formed by 256 grey levels of RGB, enabling the images to change softly and abundantly.

The LED pixel light adopts professional waterproof joints which realize multi-level connection and can form shapes of point, line and plane to display words and images. Regular shapes like rectangle and bar or irregular shapes like sphere and triangular facet can be formed to display animation in practical situation. Furthermore, we use imported silica gel sealing to resist water, so the performance and lifespan of our product can be guaranteed.

Our company is located in China's land, sea and air transport hub city - Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong and has the nation's maximum ports of entry. Therefore, we can offer convenient and low-cost services in the transportation of goods.

FORLIGHT is a professional LED pixel light manufacturer in China. We provide a vast array of products, including 1528 video LED pixel light, bridge LED linear light, pixel LED display screen, and more.

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  • Architectural Lighting LED Point LightThe CXP-40 architectural lighting LED point light is specially designed for construction illumination and night lighting project. It provides basic component for the design and engineering staff of professional architectural lighting. Suitable for direct viewing, the product adopts aluminum alloy lamp holder and electronic glue encapsulating to resist water.
  • Landscape Lighting LED Point LightCompared with CXP-40 product, the CXP-60 landscape lighting LED point light has larger size, larger light-emitting area and higher brightness. This full color product adopts 8bit constant current driver IC and it can be controlled by off-line or on-line modes. Vivid video animations can be displayed by the regularly or irregularly arranged point lights with control system.