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The 3115 rigid LED strip adopts the full aluminum alloy casting technique and can provide ultra thin LED display medium. This strip light with brightness of over 4000cd/m2 can be applied at day and night. The shape and size of the light can be customized according to the demands of customers. By connected to the computer for the online or off-line control, each pixel can show 28 million RGB synthetic true color. The light can be used to show pictures and words, and play various high-definition videos and three-dimensional animation.

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Product Code CXPX-3115-32-96B CXPX-3115-16-144B CXPX-3115-8A
Dimension L1000mm*W31mm*H15mm L1000mm*W31mm*H15mm L1000mm*W31mm*H15mm
Pixel Pitch P31.25 P62.5 P125
Light Source 546 Oval LED 346 Oval LED SMD5050
Light Source Model 1color for 1 led 1color for 1 led 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel Composition 1R1G1B 3R3G3B 3R3G3B
Pixel Density 1024 pixel/㎡ 256 pixel/㎡ 64 pixel/㎡
Working Voltage DC5V DC12V DC24V
Power Consumption 320w/㎡ 200w/㎡ 96w/㎡
Brightness ≥6000CD /㎡ ≥4500CD /㎡ ≥900CD /㎡
Grey Level 3x16bit 3x16bit 3x16bit
Color Performance Ability 275 billion 275 billion 275 billion
Refresh Frequency 60~300Hz (related to the control system and the quantity of the pixel)
Viewing Angle V90°/H60° V90°/H60° 180°
Service Life ≥50000 hours ≥50000 hours ≥50000 hours
Weight 16kg/㎡ 8kg/㎡ 4kg/㎡
Installation Way installed by screw installed by screw installed by screw
Permeability 50%~70% 50%~70% 50%~70%
IP Rate IP67 IP67 IP67
Working Temperature 35℃~+60℃ 35℃~+60℃ 35℃~+60℃
Working Humidity 10-90%RH 10-90%RH 10-90%RH

1. Each pixel can show 65,536 kinds of colors and the LED light strip could show any words and picture with 28 million RGB integrated true colors.
2. There is a built-in processing chip with 16 bits PWM technology, which has high degree of scan rate and gray level.
3. This LED light strip is made of 6063 aluminum alloy and its surface is treated by the anodic oxidation or treated by spraying corresponding colors according to the environmental background.
4. The connector has good waterproof function and is up to IP66. The inner pin is a Ф1.5 talmi gold contact pin. The lock sleeve is made of aluminum alloy.
5. The lamp is encapsulated with the well-known glue PU552FL and features stable thermo-mechanical properties, reliable sealing property, high fire-protection grade and strong anti-UV ability, which can assure good performance of the product.

This LED light strip can be used in the outdoor LED advertisement signboard and LED curtain, and also can be applied to shine the building outline and its surrounding areas.

Dimensional Drawing

Installation Drawing

1. In this system chart, the LED video light strip has 16 segments per 1,000mm and its power supply is DC12V with power 150w.
2. This video player uses high speed SD card as the medium for saving video animation.
3. The master controller, video player and differentiator are interconnected by the unshielded twisted pair wires. The longest distance for valid transmittance can reach 100m. In the long-distance transmission system, it is need to use network equipment to expand the transmission distance.
4. The master controller can output LED light signals from eight ports and each signal can carry 512 points in total, up to 32m.
5. The capacity of the master control could be expanded by the cascade connection. The cascading devices can not be over 20 units.
6. The Link A for the video player and the master controller is used to input while the Link B is used to output.
7. The power supply adopts the section operation mode. The longest section is 5m.

Construction Case in Venezuela
The display area is 31m2. This construction uses 3115 model LED light bar with 32 pixels.

Yantai Tianhong Mansion
This construction consumed 5,400-meter LED light bars.

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