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  • 3115 Rigid LED StripThe connector has good waterproof function and is up to IP66. The inner pin is a Ф1.5 talmi gold contact pin. The lock sleeve is made of aluminum alloy.
    The lamp is encapsulated with the well-known glue PU552FL and features stable thermo-mechanical properties, reliable sealing property, high fire-protection grade and strong anti-UV ability, which can assure good performance of the product.
  • 3022 Aluminum Housing Rigid LED Strip This kind of LED strip with newly designed structure can be easily installed via the rubberizing method.
    This product is made of aluminum alloy cover which can be tailored to the same color as the building surface so that we could not see the light in daylight.
    There is a built-in DC/DC modular. The lamp has wide input voltage range and can realize long-distance power supply and cascade connection.
  • 3030 Decorative Rigid LED StripThe 3030 decorative rigid LED strip is made of 6063 aluminum alloy and its surface is treated by the anodic oxidation or tackled according to the background color of its application environment.
    The lamp adopts diffusion agent pouring sealant, so the light transmittance can be improved by 30%.
    This product reaches the protection degree IP 67 and can be applied in various environments.
  • Outdoor Video LED Strip Light16MM outdoor video LED strip light is a smart product which can replace the display screen of certain specifications. Through PC on line or off-line control, each pixel can express 280 billion colors. The product is available in outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.
    This LED strip light is equipped with full aluminum alloy housing, which is designed for direct viewing.
  • Video LED Pixel Strip LightOur CXPL-32-D8/D16 video LED pixel strip light has larger overall dimension and further viewing distance in comparison with CXPL-16 product. Through PC on line or off line control, each pixel can express 68.7 billion colors. The product is an intellectual product, which is specially designed for outdoor LED display application. It can be applied to outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.

Video LED strip light is a controllable and intelligent LED lamp which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be applied to super pixel lamp screen, advertising signboard, stage or night lighting, as well as lighting decoration for outline and external wall constructions etc.

With its whole shape looking like a tube, this video LED strip light can be used to form a light belt of hundred of meters. By adoption of the controller, the product can realize such effects as gradual change, jump, scanning, flow, color chasing and color flashing etc. It can also be used to form display screen which can show video, animation, word etc. Through PC on line or off line control, our product features full color. Also, each pixel can express 68.7 billion gorgeous colors with uniform color mixture.

Moreover, the housing of our video LED strip light is made of aluminum alloy, which can be fastened by screws directly. Thus, the product possesses easy installation, flexibility and strong adaptability to many applications. After lighting processing, the surface of the housing is smooth and bright. Our product can be divided into several types in terms of specifications, such as 16mm, 32mm and so on.

As an experienced video LED strip light manufacturer and supplier in China, FORLIGHT provides a wide range of products, including SMD LED wall washer, bridge LED linear light, pixel LED display screen, and more.

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  • Pixel LED Display ScreenPixel LED display screen is spliced and assembled by the pixel strip light, which has been approved by FCC, CE and other certificates. The research, development, design and production of all pixel strip lights are completed by our company independently. Our product features light weight, high security and good ventilation performance, because there is spacing between each two strip lights.
  • Transparent LED Display ScreenTransparent LED display screen is composed of a series of the point light sources, which is independently developed, designed and produced by our company. The light source is an intelligent lighting fixture specially designed for outdoor large LED display curtain wall and deformed display screen. Pixel light uses color mixture of pixels to realize the combination from point to face so as to display word, image, and video.