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LED Curtain Screen

This LED curtain screen is one kind of intelligent LED lighting fixture designed for outdoor large-scale LED display. With brightness of 7,000CD/㎡, this product can offer ideal video effect during the day and the night. The dimension and shape of the product can be tailored to your specific needs. With the online or off-line play control, each pixel can show 275 billion kinds of colors.

Product No. CXPX-P100-36 CXPX-P52.5-12 CXPX-P40-10 CXPX-P26.25-03
Dimension L2000MM *W800MM *H173MM L2100MM *W840MM *H173MM L1600MM *W640MM *H173MM L1995MM *W1050MM *H173MM
Case Material Aluminum alloy base+ PC cover Aluminum alloy base+ PC cover Aluminum alloy base+ PC cover Aluminum alloy base+ PC cover
Pixel Pitch 100mm 52.5mm 40mm 26.25mm
Pixel Composition DIP346 12R12G12B/pixel DIP346 4R4G4B/pixel DIP346 4R3G3B/pixel DIP346 1R1G1B/pixel
Power Consumption Max. Power ≤250W/㎡ Avg. Power ≤75W/㎡ Max. Power≤270W/㎡ Avg. Power ≤85W/㎡ Max. Power≤380W/㎡ Avg. Power ≤120W/㎡ Max. Power≤400W/㎡ Avg. Power ≤140W/㎡
Input Voltage AC220V
Working Voltage DC24V DC15V/DC5V DC12V DC5V
Brightness ≥6000cd/㎡ ≥7000cd/㎡ ≥8500cd/㎡ ≥7000cd/㎡
Optimal Viewing Distance 125M~3000M 65M~2000M 50M~1500M 30M~1000M
Optimal Mounting Height 80M~300M 50M~200M 40M~100M 20M~60M
Optimal Screen Area >1000㎡ >400㎡ >200㎡ >100㎡
Viewing Angle Horizontal direction 90 degrees and vertical direction 60 degrees
Grey Level 3×16BIT
Color Performance Ability 28 million
Light Transmittance 20%~50%
Refresh Frequency Static 300Hz~4000Hz
IP Rate IP67
Weight ≤22KG/box
Service Life 50000 hours
Working Temperature -35℃~+85℃
Working Humidity 10-90%RH

1. High light: brightness ≥7500CD/M2 (all-weather application)
2. Light weight: weight ≤12Kg/M2, which saves the steel structure cost.
3. Low consumption: average consumption ≤85W/M2, which reduces the operation cost.
4. High transparency: transmittance ≥50% without influencing the indoor lighting.

This curtain screen can be used to brighten the LED advertisement boards on the roof, and LED medium walls for glass floor and public place.


Installation Way

Control System Diagram

1. This diagram is just for your reference. We would install different equipment for your specific needs.
2. The valid transmittance distance for the unshielded twisted pair wires is less than 100m. For longer distance transmittance, we need to adopt the optical fiber transmission and its transmission distance can be up to 15,000m. The other signal line is 2m at most.
3. The online control computer and sending card are connected by the DVI wire which is 1m at most.
4. The receiving card is connected by the network wire or fiber sending card. Each receiving card has 8 boxes.
5. The box input voltage is AC220V, DV5V for sending card and receiving card, and the standard power source or AC220V for fiber optical transceiver.
6. The double network wire in this system can carry the pixels up to 2048x640 while the maximum carrying capacity is up to 1600x400 and 2048x320 for single network wire. Two cascading cards can carry pixels up to 2048x1152.

Construction Case
Zhejiang Jiaxing Hilton Hotel
In 2012, our company installed the P52.5LED curtain screen on the roof of this Hilton Five-star Hotel. Starting the installation from the 46th floor, we finally finished the installation with six-floor height. This project covers 2,942 m2 and is made of two arc-shaped screens. The single block screen is 58.38m in length and 25.2m in height and its brightness is over 7000CD/m2. This screen can show with the best display effect during the day and night and win several world records in various fields. The screen covers the area of 2,942 m2, which is equal to about the half of the standard football field. Its installation height is up to 202m. The LED display screen can show with the same brightness, but with the lowest average consumption (≤85W/M2).

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