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Architectural LED Linear Light Architectural LED Linear Light

Technical Specifications
Norms 12W(CXL-90-12W) 24W(CXL-90-24W) 36W(CXL-90-36W) 48W(CXL-90-36W)
Size 300×90×60 600×90×60 900×90×60 1200×90×60
Weight 0.4kg 0.8 kg 1.2 kg 1.5kg
Housing material Stretch aluminum alloy base +PC cover Stretch aluminum alloy base +PC cover Stretch aluminum alloy base +PC cover Stretch aluminum alloy base +PC cover
Light source model 1W high power 4R4G4B 1W high power 8R8G8B 1W high power 12R12G12B 1W high power16R16G16B
Luminous flux 480LM 960LM 1440LM 1920LM
Display grey level 3×8bit 3×8bit 3×8bit 3×8bit
Display pixel 1 pixel 2 pixels 3 pixels 4 pixels
Beam angle 160º 160º 160º 160º
IP rate IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
Input voltage 15V/110V/220V 15V/110V/220V 15V/110V/220V 15V/110V/220V
Working temperature -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃
Working temperature 10-90%RH 10-90%RH 10-90%RH 10-90%RH

Architectural LED linear light has excellent performance. The size of the product is 300mm*90mm*60mm and its weight is 0.4kg. Our product can endure tensile force of 30kg. Also, it can be used to form screen which can display words and images. The circuit board has gone through special glue water repellent treatment, so water will not corrode any component.

Moreover, the inside silica gel circle sealing can guarantee better water resistance performance. In addition, our architectural LED linear light features small power consumption, shock resistance, long life span, energy saving, environment protection etc. It is the perfect lighting fixture for decorative lighting design and exterior architectural lighting.

FORLIGHT is an architectural LED linear light manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including bridge LED linear light, transparent LED display screen, video LED pixel strip light, 1528 video LED pixel light, and more.

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  • Bridge LED Linear LightBridge LED linear light is double waterproof, because the inner part of bridge LED linear light adopts silica gel sealing of high thermal conductivity and its outer structure uses silica gel circle sealing. With the IP rate of up to IP67, our product is free from the problem that outdoor installed product is hard to resist water. Both ends of nixie tube are fastened by stainless steel screws, which can endure tensile force over 30kg, so the maintenance is safe and reliable.
  • Landscape LED Wall WasherThe LED wall washer features an aluminum alloy housing, which is lightweight and good for heat dissipation. Adopting double side light shading design, it offers a beam angle of 45º×90º. Unlike traditional lighting products, our lamp uses LED as the light source, and the brightness can be easily adjusted by a controller. The input and output design of the product adopts typical waterproof lines, and only butt jointing of the waterproof lines is needed in large scale engineering projects.