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The 5455 decorative LED linear light is one kind of intelligent linear LED lamp with high brightness designed for shining the bridge outline and its surrounding area. This lamp consists of the aluminum alloy base and refraction PC cover and shows with soft light without dizzy light. The lamp is encapsulated with the well-known E-glue. The IP rate of this product is up to IP66.

Product No. CXPX-8055-8A CXPX-5455-8A
Dimension L1000mm*W80mm*H55mm L1000mm*W54mm*H55mm
Material Specification Aluminum alloy base and refraction PC cover
Light Source Type 48PCS 5050 SMD 48PCS 5050 SMD
Controllable Segments 8 /16 segments 8/16 segments
Input Voltage DC24V/DV12V DC24V/DV12V
Max. Power 12W/M 12W/M
Brightness ≥100CD/m
Grey Level 3x8bit
Color Performance Ability 16.70 million
Refresh Frequency Static 60frame/s (related to the control system and the pixels it holds.)
Viewing Angle 120°
Service Life ≥50000 hours
Weight <790g/m <750g/m
IP Rate IP66
Working Temperature 35℃~+60℃
Working Humidity 10-90%RH

1. The 5455 decorative LED linear light is light weight.
2. Fire rating of this lamp ranks V0.
3. The lamps can perform the automated docking without additional wires.
4. This lamp has the ability to fight against the UV, so the PC cover can last five years without yellowing.
5. There are various simple installation ways such as reinforced paste and screw installation.
6. The PC cover has diffusion agent so that the light transmittance is improved by 30%.

1. This lamp is used for shining the building outline.
2. The 5455 decorative LED linear light is suitable for the decoration for the parks and tunnels and can be used in the illumination system for lighting surrounding areas.

Dimensional Drawing

Installation Drawing

Control System Diagram

1. The LED linear light has 8 pixels per meter and has the power supply of DC24V.
2. The SD card is used to be the storage medium for video player and its maximum capacity is 32G.
3. The CAT 5 net wire is used as a connection communication equipment to connect the main controller, video player and signal amplifier. The longest valid transmittance distance is 100m. We usually need to use the network equipment to expand the transmittance distance to meet the needs of greater distance transmittance.
4. The master controller could output signal from 8 ports while each port carries the pixels up to 512/680.
5. The main controller only can connect with 20 sets of equipments at most in the cascading mode.
6. The Link A port for the video player and main controller is used to input and the Link B is used to output.
7. With the power supply, the fixture can be lighted up.

Construction Case
The ferries wheel for the Philippines Manila STAR CITY Park is 60m in height and 53m in diameter. The lamps are amounted on both sides of the wheel. There are 3,500 bars of 5455 type lamps with 16 pixels consumed in this project in total.

Group Photo with Clients (from the left)
Erwin, Evan, Jolio, Leia, jojo, Oscar

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