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Landscape LED Wall Washer Landscape LED Wall Washer

The landscape LED wall washer is a kind of high grade linear LED light fixture. In addition to landscape lighting, the product is also suitable for accent lighting. Designed to meet IP66 requirements, it can be used in harsh outdoor environments.

The LED wall washer features an aluminum alloy housing, which is lightweight and good for heat dissipation. Adopting double side light shading design, it offers a beam angle of 45º×90º. Unlike traditional lighting products, our lamp uses LED as the light source, and the brightness can be easily adjusted by a controller. The input and output design of the product adopts typical waterproof lines, and only butt jointing of the waterproof lines is needed in large scale engineering projects.

Technical Specifications
Item (CXL-96-RGB) (CXL-192-RGB)
Size 500×15×15 1000×15×15
Weight 0.15kg 0.3kg
Housing material Drawn aluminum alloy + double side shading design Drawn aluminum alloy + double side shading design
Light source DIP346 0.06W 48R24G24B DIP346 0.06W 96R48G48B
Luminous flux 100LM 200LM
Projection distance 1M 1M
Gray scale 3×8BIT 3×8BIT
Beam angle 45º×90º 45º×90º
Display pixel 4 pixels 4 pixels
Waterproof grade IP66 IP66
Input voltage 24V 24V
Operating temperature -35℃~+50℃ -35℃~+50℃
Operating humidity 10-90%RH 10-90%RH

Our company mainly offers two types of landscape LED wall washers. Thanks to its compact design and small size, our products are very easy to mount and transport. The adoption of constant current driver enables the LEDs to have a longer lifespan of up to 50000 hours and maintain their high brightness even after long term usage. As our products can create a great variety of lighting effects due to the rich, changing light colors, they are extensively used in countless indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

As a professional landscape LED wall washer manufacturer and supplier based in China, we provide not only LED wall washer, but also video pixel light, high power flood light, LED linear lighting, LED pixel light, and more.

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  • SMD LED Wall WasherThe SMD LED wall washer is designed to meet small area illumination and low power consumption requirements. The lamp housing is made using aluminum alloy, which is durable and light weight. The light shield made of tempered glass contributes to high light transmittance.
    Our SMD LED wall washer comes with a built-in 8Bit constant current driver. The special reflector design results in better color wash effect.