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The display screen for buildings has many attractive features. Its weight and its power consumption are respectively a quarter and a half of ordinary LED display screen, so it is light and energy-saving. The product has high brightness and the visual effect is also excellent in the day. It adopts SAMSUNG LED light source, and the brightness reaches 2000CD per square meter despite the fact that it has only 330 pixels per square meter.

Moreover, the product is artistic and transparent. It is beautiful to look from indoor room, and indoor lighting of HSBC office will not be influenced. What's more, the whole performance is stable. Lighting fixture, controller, power supply, and computer adopt double backup redundancy design, so maintenance is almost unnecessary. Besides, the controller has realized automatic detection, and new controller will be started if lighting fixture or controller becomes abnormal.

Relevant Data
Quantity of bi-directional redundant video LED pixel light: 80,460
Number of controller: 41 in use, 41 as backups
Number of fiber switch: 2
Number of HP industrial personal computer: 2
Distance: 55MM
Brightness: 2000CD per square meter

Main Products
  • Landscape LED Wall WasherThe LED wall washer features an aluminum alloy housing, which is lightweight and good for heat dissipation. Adopting double side light shading design, it offers a beam angle of 45º×90º. Unlike traditional lighting products, our lamp uses LED as the light source, and the brightness can be easily adjusted by a controller. The input and output design of the product adopts typical waterproof lines, and only butt jointing of the waterproof lines is needed in large scale engineering projects.
  • 1528 Video LED Pixel LightWith strong flexibility, the 1528 video LED pixel light is designed for large-scale outdoor LED video curtain walls and specially shaped display screens. Combinations from points to planes are realized by the color mixture of pixels to complete the display of text, graphics and video animation. In practical projects, regular shapes such as rectangular, square, strip, etc., can be formed through the combination of waterproof connectors. Spherical, triangular and other shapes can also be composed to display Flash animation.