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The structure of building is glass curtain wall, behind which is aluminum frame. The installation is fast, easy, and invisible, and you cannot see the lighting fixture both inside and outside the building. Moreover, the visual effect of the building appearance will not be influenced in the day. The whole building adopts whole control scheme and LED light source, which has high penetrating power and super wide angle of 160 degrees. Due to the light arrangement and control of deformed control system, the images seen from any angle of the building will not change, without deformation or color cast.

The project is featured with super large display area, which is 8,080 square meters. The glass curtain wall, with an area of 13,200 square meters, is equipped with 25,416 lights, right-and-left distance and up-and-down distance of each two of which are respectively 0.5m and 0.54m. This large display area, together with deformed software and control system, can meet the show effect required by customer and realize low construction cost and low operation cost.

Our project adopts internationally advanced driver IC and control technology, with a high display grey level of 4,096 levels, and it can display any video and word. The maximum power consumption of the whole project is about 38KW, and the actual power consumption of normal operation is less than 19KW. Due to the fact that the project can broadcast video and advertisement, party A can make great profits from it by displaying advertisements of shopping center merchants and other commercial organizations.

Relevant Data
LED pixel light number: 25,416
Controller number: 10
Display area: 8,080 square meters
Distance: right-and-left is 500MM, up-and-down is 540MM

Main Products
  • Architectural Lighting LED Point LightThe CXP-40 architectural lighting LED point light is specially designed for construction illumination and night lighting project. It provides basic component for the design and engineering staff of professional architectural lighting. Suitable for direct viewing, the product adopts aluminum alloy lamp holder and electronic glue encapsulating to resist water.
  • Outdoor Video LED Strip Light16MM outdoor video LED strip light is a smart product which can replace the display screen of certain specifications. Through PC on line or off-line control, each pixel can express 280 billion colors. The product is available in outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.
    This LED strip light is equipped with full aluminum alloy housing, which is designed for direct viewing.