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The installation of LED lighting fixture adopts aluminum plate punching, and the product is installed behind ground glass. Each 4,340 lamps form a light column, and there are 29 lighting sculptures, which have the size of 10m×1.8m×0.9m and can change all kinds of animation and words synchronously. The product is used to display the image of Yingkou city.

Relevant Data
Project name: Yingkou City Harbor Plaza LED Lighting Sculpture
Quantity of LED pixel light: 125,860
Number of controller: 29
Display area: 490 square meters
Right-and-left distance: 62.5MM

Main Products
  • Bridge LED Linear LightBridge LED linear light is double waterproof, because the inner part of bridge LED linear light adopts silica gel sealing of high thermal conductivity and its outer structure uses silica gel circle sealing. With the IP rate of up to IP67, our product is free from the problem that outdoor installed product is hard to resist water. Both ends of nixie tube are fastened by stainless steel screws, which can endure tensile force over 30kg, so the maintenance is safe and reliable.
  • High Power Flood LightOur high power flood light is designed for accent lighting or ambient lighting purpose. When acting on the wall, it can produce a lighting effect with highly saturated and changeable colors. Depending on the actual application environments, customers can choose a light with multiple optical angles. Seamless combination of several flood lights is a good solution for complex lighting needs. Currently the lighting product is widely used in architectural accent lighting, large sign lighting, stage lighting applications.