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SM mall of Asia is the fourth largest shopping center in the world, and its LED sphere light display screen has become the largest one at that time after the completion of the project. SM group held a lighting ceremony for the largest LED sphere light display screen in the world at six o'clock in the night of November 18, 2009, and Shi Zhicheng, the founder of SM group and the richest man in Philippines, personally pressed the start button of this display screen.

The project had added a lot of colors to "The 10th World's Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention", which was held here on November 19th, 2009. Customer can publish advertisement and the information of the latest activities in the shopping mall through this LED sphere, which can create huge economic and commercial value. Besides, the project won the annual advertisement prize in 2010 of Philippines.

This project has a lot of attractive features. It adopts steel wire hang installation, which is fast and easy. The small lighting fixture is almost invisible in the day, and the beauty of the building will not be influenced even if the lights are turned off in the day. Moreover, the project uses internationally advanced driver IC and control technology at the time, and display grey levels of RGB all reach 4,096 levels, so any video or word can be displayed.

The project uses whole sphere design, and videos encircle the sphere seamlessly, so the visual angle is 360 degrees. LED light source has super wide angle, which is 160 degrees. Moreover, the project uses special lamp cover, creative light arrangement, and deformed control system. Due to the above facts, you can see images from any angle, and the image has no deformation or color cast.

Moreover, the diameter of sphere is 26m, and display area is 2,124 square meters, so the project has super large area. Based on the feature of sphere, we have designed three kinds of spacing, namely 200*300cm in the middle, 200*350cm slightly above and below, and 200*400cm top and bottom. This kind of design can realize excellent visual effect and low cost control.

Relevant Data
Project name: Philippines SM Mall of Asia Sphere LED Light Display Screen
LED pixel light number: 26,300
Controller number: 9
Sphere diameter: 26m
Display area: 2,124 square meters
Spacing: right-and-left is 200MM, up-and-down is 300MM
Brightness: 50CD per square meter
Time of Completion: November, 2009

Main Products
  • Outdoor Video LED Strip Light16MM outdoor video LED strip light is a smart product which can replace the display screen of certain specifications. Through PC on line or off-line control, each pixel can express 280 billion colors. The product is available in outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.
    This LED strip light is equipped with full aluminum alloy housing, which is designed for direct viewing.
  • Video LED Pixel Strip LightOur CXPL-32-D8/D16 video LED pixel strip light has larger overall dimension and further viewing distance in comparison with CXPL-16 product. Through PC on line or off line control, each pixel can express 68.7 billion colors. The product is an intellectual product, which is specially designed for outdoor LED display application. It can be applied to outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.